Introduction to Chibei Chinese School

     Founded in 1981 in Skokie, Illinois, the school was founded to provide Chinese children in the North of Chicago

Chinese language and cultural sites. Currently, students come from Chinese families and non-Chinese families in all regions of Chicago.

The school is currently using Oakton Community College's school premises to attend classes every Sunday afternoon. Teaching in Chinese language, according to students

Age and degree of a total of 14 classes to open Chinese classes. The Chinese curriculum and credits of the University have been recognized by the Illinois Department of Education since 1994. this

, There are various elective courses such as Chinese painting, folk dance, tai chi, badminton and basketball classes, providing students with Chinese language and culture

The balance of physical and mental and training opportunities for friendship. There are more than 20 excellent teachers in charge of these courses, these teachers are enthusiastic parents bear


     The main activities of the school include a speech contest in the last semester and a New Year celebration in the next semester. These activities not only improve students' learning Chinese

Of interest, but also help students understand the Chinese culture. Our students participate in speech competitions and literacy competitions organized by the American Chinese Schools Association

China Association organized activities such as basketball games, dance has a good performance. Due to the rich experience and good facilities, the school has been continuous for six

In the United States and China Association of Chinese schools sponsored by the United States and the District Chinese literacy contest. In addition to the above activities, the school also regularly participate in community park activities to promote

Cultural exchange and friendly relations with non-Chinese communities.
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